The slaughter Safe

This is war. 
It is literally war at this point, and it is time to get serious. 
What does it take to fight a war? 
An ORGANIZED effort.
And typically, an army. 
Unfortunately, in the world we live in….
It also takes money.
THOUSANDS of horses ship to slaughter weekly. There is not ‘Safe Act’. What there is for now…is us. 
SO.! Let’s build that army. 
Can we rally fifty people ( to start ) at five dollars a month to a generalized fund for emergent slaughter bound horses?
All funds will be held for an emergent horse ( or horses) in harm’s way, and be used as agreed upon by those who have donated.
To enroll in this, click the donate link below ( It allows for recurring monthly donations!)
Put ‘Slaughter Safe Giving Fund ‘ in the notes.

Click Here to donate
Or check out the donate page Here

Rather than the same people donating hundreds at ‘last minute’….If there were MANY of us giving so very little, the difference it would make is astounding. 
Ten people. Five dollars a month for these horses. 
We’ll call it the ‘Slaughter Safe’.

Do not tell me ‘You can’t save them all!’ because firstly…
I know that. 
Secondly, you do not know WHAT we can do if we try hard enough.Daily, I look for more ways to affect positive change in the lives we CAN help, until there is a BETTER WAY. 
For today, we are the better way.
If you do not HAVE five , or anything at all, please just share this post. That helps far more than you know and is still ‘doing something’!! 

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  1. A village of hearts for these horses lends more to the effort than you all realize. It DOES take a village. 1000 Warriors with $5 a piece per month would save over 100 horses PLUS!!
    Rally Warriors…rally for the lives that depend on us to save them!!

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