‘Jockeying or the Lead’….But of what?

Well, well, well!!!
It has come to my attention that something I wrote months ago as a creative outlet to deal with the incessant harassment and to sort it out in my own head……….is being partially plastered all over the internet . For you see, upon writing this ‘story’ I sent it to two friends.
One of those “friends” ( hah, hah) has determined it her own property to disseminate or let”s say, ‘Not so well meaning’ purposes, and has sent it in email blast to over two hundred people.
That is all well and good ( not really) but I could not help but notice upon seeing it that it is riddled with inconsistencies. Hell, if bits and pieces are being lung about in such a haphazard manner to suit another’s agenda, I feel it should at least exist in one corner of the internet in its entirety.

Therefore, I present to you the ENTIRE version of what I composed in May o 2019 .
Not the bits and pieces version you may see being posted in various corners of the internet.
This , again, was a creative outlet to get MY thoughts on paper. It is MY perspective, based on a series of actual events.

So here it is.
Enjoy !

From my Perspective

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