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The war

It is time to speak plainly. Loudly. And with purpose. When I say ‘This is war’! I mean it quite literally. The war on slaughter is becoming far more expansive and far more than any of us can fight alone. You will see many say … Continue readingThe war

The slaughter Safe

This is war. It is literally war at this point, and it is time to get serious. What does it take to fight a war? Strategy. Intelligence.An ORGANIZED effort. And typically, an army. Unfortunately, in the world we live in….It also takes money. THOUSANDS of horses ship to slaughter … Continue readingThe slaughter Safe

‘Pep Rally’

‘Pep Rally’ The lot called her ‘Maggie’, and shes is comformationally astounding, deeply red with a cascading flaxen mane , forelock , and tail. Short. Wide. Young. Tied to a fence by people who won’t blink if she loads on a slaughter truck to Mexico. … Continue reading‘Pep Rally’


In the spirit of ‘Clearing the Air’ (not to mention saving me from needless hours of redundancy) I am putting this out on the proverbial table. Pull up a chair. Some of you out there are far too aware of the sheer ugliness that sometimes … Continue readingQ&A