Hurricane Harvey Horse Relief Effort

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Hurricane Harvey ~ On the Rise

flood horses2

Texas, August 29th, 2o17

Rising waters, wind, rain . . .Power outages, stranded people and horses. ( Not to mention dogs …cats… ) Evacuations. SO, so many are in a position that we now can NOT leave the area. Feed supplies wiped out, rising water in barns…pastures overflowing..

Through combined efforts of so many , horses are getting to safety, as are people. . . but so many still need help.  We are compiling lists of those in dire need, rescue services, avaiable haulers ( with BIG rigs able to reach some of these areas) and more.  We will update often. Thank you ALL for your support in this!

We are asking people what they are in most need of, and will be listing that shortly. Thus far, feed, hay, supplies are the most in demand. Fuel costs for the rescues out there getting these horses, cows, goats, sheep…all livestock. Driving hours just to get them safely on higher ground . Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

This IS a non profit organization. We are only here to help .

List of available resources and people that NEED helpCLICK HERE

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No one said we couldn’t stop a second to strike a pose…. James, hard at it!!!

FLOOD James1

Tuesday, September 5th:
The Journey Out….. This ‘senior’ was quite the trooper to walk through high waters  and a long distance . Safely brought to us where he has been vetted and of course, loved on. Let the healing begin .

Wednesday, September 6th:

The harsher side of things. This is now. This is our reality . THIS is what we see, and what we do. 

[wpvideo bK9DRZbi]

Allen Harvill and Clay Gilchriest …at it again!!! Hometown Heroes!

[wpvideo fCBbgNVx]

James Barfield….On site August 30th, 2017

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[wpvideo qhWzTbOk]