Success Stories ~ Horses Adopted

The face that changed my life….. ~ Randi Collier

Aria Etenzo.

This boy was not in a ‘kill pen’.  I didn’t find him in auction. I didn’t find him at all.
He found me.
Bred to be amazing, ‘E’  didn’t quite live up to what they wanted. Color, conformation…..
Sold for over 20,000 as a baby, this stunning boy somehow found his way to Texas. Terribly abused, starved, neglected… Someone found him. They took him in, worked with him, fed him. Then I saw him.
There was just ‘something’ about him. I bought him sight unseen , on the spot, over the phone.
He made his four hour trip here in 2014. He’s been with me for four years now.
This horse changed how I looked at the entire horse world. If THIS horse, that someone paid so much for to be bred…. could end up in such a situation. . . how many others?
I’ll tell you.
Dozens? . . . hundreds?
Thousands. Thousands of horses end up this way.
I chose to start helping those. . .
Because of this face. <3

Etenzo face


This girl….. has my heart.
At 2:20 am on a Sunday …well I suppose that would be Monday. . . This girl went through an auction ring in Bowie, Texas. This sale is well known for ranch horses…working western horses. Huge sale…..
Rarely do you see an ‘English’ horse go through .
She was said to be a Hanoverian, complete with the ‘H’ brand on her hip. .
Well! She certainly has that, but no, she is not a Hanoverian.
It matters not, for she is far, far more than that.
I feel perhaps I was meant to be watching, maybe just for her.
She came in, tall, lanky. . . saddled out in western tack with an unknown  and unfamiliar rider on her back. . . She did everything asked of her in that too-small arena. Her ears laid flat to the sides, not pinned…just flat. Her eyes told a story.
They were the saddest eyes I’d ever seen. She broke my heart.
So, I bought her. She came home to us sick, thin, depressed . . . Not to mention the ulcers.
They are all special to me. . . but this girl? I am so, so proud of her!

Meet ‘Hannah’ !
She still has a ways to go, more recovery to be made.
I believe in her…. and I think she’s starting to believe in herself.

~ Randi Collier




AH, this magnificent animal!!!
One of my favorite horses of all time.
This guy…. Hotshot champion, breeding stallion, hell of  a riding horse. . .
Dumped in action at the age of 23. I attended this auction online that night.
Elkhart Horse auctions. I heard nothing, my sound was not working for some reason when he came through.
I saw something special.  It showed without knowing ‘who’ or ‘what’ he was. . . even in that tiny arena. $500 bid won .
Thank God it was mine.
This boy is right where he needs to be and has been brought back to life. . . and then some.
Rock On, Ripalena and Susan!!!


From Culled To Cherished

Four year old Huntsville Prison gelding culled from the system early for ‘lameness’. All Huntsville prison horses are sent to public auction , sadly. He was purchased by a kill pen. . . We bailed him.
His ‘lameness’ was in fact terrible abscesses and a sore stifle. See? You just never know. . .
Look at him now! <3

This sweetheart was ‘fancy’ trained in no time at all, which caught the eye of many amazing homes. From there Troy found an amazing family to love him, and a huge family ranch to live out his days on. We’re so happy for him!!





Also known as Hell on Wheels… this little girl is something else!
Bailed from the North Texas Feedlot , this adorable, scared little mare has come a long way. In more ways than one.
After being bailed , the …. shall we say ‘colorful’ owner of the lot loaded her to ship to Mexico anyway. Thankfully, he saw fit to tell me this ( alright, fine, he called and yelled the news ‘ I shipped her! I’m sick of people saying I don’t ship horses!!! She’s GONE!’ )
Not a phone call you want to get! So… alas, after much to-do and I will admit, harsh words, here she is!
Quite the character, too.
Twix has been in training with Sabrina for two months at this point and is almost ready  for adoption.
After deciding to trust again ( my favorite thing to see ) she has found her forever home and two little girls to love her. <3

Jaharra <3

This poor mare went all around the country, through auction after auction. No horse deserves that…No matter how bad they are!

After Jaharra landed herself in a kill pen, and we all recognized that unique blaze that had shown up in many states, we bailed her. Our trainers Sabrina and Scarlette where cautious, not knowing what this horse did to be tossed around from place to place. But instead of trouble, they found an incredibly well trained, near bombproof, easy going, loving mare that just must have been a victim of unfortunate circumstances. The trainers adored her while preparing her to find a forever home, when Scarlette fell hard for that sweet face and adopted her herself. Jaharra is now loving life, and has become and amazing barrel racing team with Scarlette. We love happy endings!!

Jaharra ~
Now Athena and beyond loved!

This Road Lead To Home

One of seven, we called them ‘The Magnificent Seven. Our Gemma was among them.
Bailed from Thompson’s Feedlot in June, she came to Texas for quarantine and rehabilitation. Standing 13.3 Hh, she is the perfect size for a child….
And has the perfect demeanor for precisely that.
Gemma found her on loving little girl who took her home October 13th.
This one makes my heart swell!

Gemma new person

Broken To Beloved

One of the ‘Dom’s Four’, Cajuness came to us in February 2018. Banged up, swollen knees, terrible feet….and beautiful. After a very long rehabilitation period she started to shine.

Her leg injuries prevent her from being ‘competitive’ but that didn’t stop Rene from falling completely in love. This kind , gorgeous , tall girl got her own human last week!
Congratulations to you  both.
Happy trails to you ♥

Love is in the Air !

Cullens Train~

Another discarded Thoroughbred bailed from Thompson’s feedlot in Louisiana in March , this huge, handsome boy was with us quite a while! Overcoming laminitis among other things, he just blossomed. Eleven year old Cullen got what so many horses need…..
His own teenage girl. She saved up, waited…and found the very horse she wanted. I am so glad it was this one…for her and him alike.
Look at that smile!!!!
Congratulations to both of you ♥

Gold Coat & A Heart of the Same

From green broke to spectacular, this rescue amazed all of us at Soul Horse TX!!

This sweet gelding has a heart as golden as his stunning coat. We are so happy to announce that Copper has been adopted by an amazing woman, and now lives just minutes from Bandera State Park where he will be seen riding and enjoying life.

SH copperrr

Fear Can Be Forgotten

Oh Dixie…. How are you so beautiful? And more importantly, how did such as sweetheart end up at a kill pen…….

After being saved, Dixie worked on her advanced riding skills, and learned to trust people again. She felt that every hand movement was one to hit her, but after a lot of time and patience, she learned to trust, love, and be loved. It was then she went to South Texas to be in a wonderful, big family, with kids to love on her and enjoy her.  Her heart is full, and so is ours. <3

SH dixie bridle

More To Love

Sinatra has found his forever home within a very big, and growing family with lots of kids to teach the love of horses. How wonderful!

The Unique Ones Need Love, too.

Remember Yoda? The pregnant mare with the permanently scrunched over ears? We loved it, and so did this lady! Yoda is now in a forever home, super safe for having her foal, and after, she will be a trail riding companion. Fun fun!

It Takes Two To Make A Team!

After Panda made a recovery, gaining weight and getting some ground work training, we begun searching for a home for her. Low and behold a sweet young lady found her right away, it was a perfect match. Panda instantly liked her. Panda has now gone to her forever home where she will be a barrel and playday horse, as well as a loving companion.

A New Beginning

Life didn’t start out so great for poor little Muffin… It’s bad enough when a grown horse goes to a kill pen. But a baby? It’s heart wrenching. Thankfully we were able to rescue him, give him love, comfort and lots of food, and send him on his way to a loving family. Thank you, Jackie for giving this little fella a new begging.

Your Story Doesn’t End Here

Much too young, Neela and Suki found themselves at a kill pen, scared for their lives. We rescued them, showed them loved, gave them food, shelter, and security, and eventually, they were ready to be adopted. Now, a lovely 300 acres, a barn, and a family to love them is the future they are living. <3

Life is Better Together ♥

After their recovery, these sweet faces didn’t take long to place. Emelyn, Snow, Mocha and Queeny now have a forever home on lots of land. 🙂 Lucky girls!

SH head
sh tb sabrina2

The Infamous Carter Kids

Once the dust settled from the whole Colorado kill pen fiasco, these adorable babies were fat, happy, healthy, groomed and halter broke, and they got some great homes, with families to help raise them up how babies should be raised. With care and love. ♥

sh carter dudes

The Long Road Home

After passing around from kill pen to kill pen, this Paso Fino stallion found his way to us, where we rescued him and showed him love and care. Once he was settled, of good health and weight and riding nicely, it was time to search for his forever home. Now he resides in a beautiful PA farm with a lovely lady to dote over him. He’s a happy boy! And we’re happy for him!

Beautiful & Blessed

This gorgeous registered Arab really needed some help… And we gave it to her. In not much time at all she was thriving, and ready to find her forever home. A sweet family that had not only seen her, but handled her and loved her before stepped up to the plate to take her in, not wanting to see her go anywhere else, ever again. Candy is now loved, as she should be, and never has to worry about going to a kill pen again.

So many more beautiful souls, placed in loving homes. Check back soon for updates as we dig through our photos of them to share to the website. 🙂